We will explore advanced topics, issues which have not been satisfactorily resolved by Objectivists, and specific situations for which the the Objectivist position is unclear. We will try to break new ground with presentations of new ideas that are compatible with Objectivist principles and solve long-standing problems. Occasionally we will cover basic Objectivist principles for the benefit of those new to the philosophy. All participants are invited to contribute their thoughts in the spirit of searching for the truth. Click "TOPICS" to see a list what we discuss.

Objectivism advocates that each person should live for their own long-term happiness. That's easier said than done. We will discuss ideas for how to apply the principles of Objectivism in order to live a good life, and discuss major life decisions (career, relationships, children, etc.).

Objectivism is true...now what? Well lets try to put it into practice in America. How do we do that? First we need a "Business Plan" to clarify exactly where we want to go and how we plan on getting there. Click the button "ACTIVISM" to see a list of activities we have already done and a list of activities we might do.

It is more enjoyable to attend a party, go for a hike, or play sports with people who share your values.  If you want to host an event we will post to the the LAO list.  For those seeking athletic events why not utilize a pre-existing website/organization and try to meet up with other LAO members at the same event. Recommended: CoedSportsLA ,  Badminton Games, HikeTheGeek, Ultimate Frisbee, TennisFriends,  and also groups you can find on FaceBook or MeetUp.  The LAO founder likes: alpine skiing, water skiing, scuba, badminton, ultimate frisbee, tennis, racquetball, bowling and wants to learn kite boarding.  Anyone?

Bring your business cards. Are you seeking to buy or sell something? Are you looking for a job or an employee? Are you looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend, a tennis partner, etc. ? Objectivism advocates trading—lets do some trading!

There is no formal membership policy. Everyone is welcome to show up, discuss topics intellectually and rationally, and be nice to everyone else. We welcome both ARI and TOC Objectivists. All others are also welcome. If you understand the key elements of Objectivism you will derive more enjoyment from the discussions. On the bottom of the home page is a list of places to quickly learn the basics.

People of all ages attend Objectivist discussion gatherings. Occupations include: student, actor, dentist, engineer, consultant, accountant, medical administrator, artist, nurse, physician, programmer, teacher and 'retired'. Our meetings have ranged in size from 32 people to 8. We would like to attract more people but keep the discussions small by having separate discussion tables throughout the restaurant. Thus you could choose which topic was most interesting to you and sit at that table.