Is activism a proper activity for someone pursuing rational long-term self-interest?

Yes. You can not live Objectivism in our current society. For example, Objectivism states that you should not be forced to pay for most things which you are currently forced to pay for. Therefore in order to benefit from Objectivism you need to advance it.

Imagine how prosperous America would be if we threw off the chains of socialism and lived in a thriving laissez-faire capitalist society.  Instead of 50% taxation we might have 5% taxation or perhaps no taxation at all.   You'd have more money, more time, less stress.  The economy would boom and scientific advances would bloom.  Perhaps a new drug would save your life.  Perhaps the process of aging itself could be genetically turned off so that we never die.

In the short term there is also an emotional benefit to fighting for your principles.  The benefit is that you take pride in yourself for doing what is right and pride is necessary for a healthy psyche and a happy life.


THE STRIKE AGAINST SOCIALISM: businesses nationwide shut down for day.

A MOVIE AGAINST SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: the movie is half-way finished.

A MOVIE AGAINST EMINENT DOMAIN ABUSE: on hold until other movie is finished.


LOST LIBERTY HOTEL: June 2005 to January 2006.  Logan lead a rebellion against eminent doman abuse that involved trying to seize the home of Supreme Court Justice David Souter using Souter's own logic in his ruling in Kelo vs. City of New London.

PROTEST AGAINST BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY for selling Che Guevara shirts.  Took place November 2004 in both Los Angeles and Miami

CELEBRATE CAPITALISM DAY (SAN JOSE): Prodos, an Objectivist in Australia called for a world-wide walk in support of Capitalism on December 2, 2001. We joined in along with over 100 cities around the world. Speeches were given by Logan Clements and Carl Close of the Independent Institute. THE CAPITALISM AWARD was presented to Cypress Semiconductor CEO TJ Rodgers for his courageous defense of Capitalism through the years. Our crowd of about 60 then walked two miles north to San Jose City Hall where we read aloud the DECLARATION OF LIBERTY authored by Logan and signed by 36 people present. The Declaration was then affixed to City Hall. We then returned to Gordon Biersh Brewery in San Jose for beer and dinner.

Logan handed a copy of CAPITALISM: THE UNKNOWN IDEAL to Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Ottawa Canada in 1992. See photo below.  The next thing you know they threw off communism in Russia. You're welcome Russia!  Brian Mulroney, The Prime Minister of Canada, is standing just behind him. I should have brought a book for him also.


Yeltin takes the book I gave him (Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal) and also takes issue with the two women standing next to me.


Creation of an Objectivist federal budget

A flow chart showing the logical structure of Objectivism

A survey of twenty questions to determine if our activism is working or not

A quiz for people, similar to Libertarian's Nolan Chart to see if they already may agree with most Objectivist ideas and not even know it

A one page summary of Objectivist positions similar to Declaration of Independence.

Tax protest party and demonstration every April 15.

Media exposure: make ourselves available for television, radio, newspaper, magazine commentary on issues of the day. Publicize ourselves to the media.

Great campus debate every fall at major area university: Is Capitalism or Socialism the morally proper system? 

Encourage objectivists nationwide to join their campus "Outside Speaker Club".  These clubs usually have a large budget to bring speaker on campus.